DPHHS Remote Learning Plan for Families document

Posted on Thursday / May 14

Hi DPHHS Families,

I wanted to reach out on this Sunday afternoon to make you aware of a shift to the remote school for your child.

Based on feedback from students, we understand that they are in need of more support from their teachers.  Students have shared with us that they are feeling overwhelmed by the work and are often getting stuck while working by themselves, frequently late at night.  At the same time, our existing drop-in tutoring sessions have been quite empty.  What we realized is that students need to be doing their work in a setting where they can get support from their teachers in real time. 

To address this, we spent Spring Break restructuring remote school to provide new Supported Work Rooms for students to get this kind of support.  Your child now has an individual schedule that has them attending three 45 minute work sessions with their teachers each day (except for Wednesday).  During these sessions, students will be working to complete their assignments, but teachers will be there to give them immediate support.  They will have access to other students to work with on these assignments as well.  The hope here is that this will have students working less on their own and getting more support from their teachers.

On Friday, each student received their individual schedule via email.  I will be sending a copy out to each of you as well today via email.  This schedule will begin this Monday.

How you can partner with us to support your child here:

Each day we are having a short 10-15 minute “homeroom” over video at 9:45AM to set kids up for the day.  Please help us in ensuring your child is up and able to connect at that time.

Encourage your child to attend their three 45-minute supported work rooms each day on Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri.

We understand that many of you are essential workers with other young children at home.  As such, you may require your DPHHS child to provide critical childcare during the day.  We understand this and ask that you have your child work with their advisor to figure out how to work around these responsibilities.

Please continue to reach out to us with any questions or concerns here.


In partnership,

Brian Martin


Katelyn Derry

Assistant Principal